Service internationalization


University extension refers to “extending” the university's presence into society and enhancing its relationship with citizens.  Adding internationalization to this term results on a series of actions directed to introduce an international and intercultural dimension into those activities performed by a university in order to project, connect, and provide services to society.


Taking into account that university extension and services are university functions that involve a wide variety of activities, there are many strategies to pursue the internationalization; among them, organizing and conducting:
- International cultural events (Book fairs, film festivals, cultural week on different countries, chairs, etc.)
- International sport's events
- Community projects with an international approach, in association with civil society organizations or private sector enterprises
- International development projects
- Programs for actualization and professional development fof human resources from foreign business enterprises or from local business with international projection


Service internationalization enables university to project the results of its scientific and academic work into international markets, to disseminate the benefits of knowledge and technology transfer within its closest environment and within Venezuelan society, and to generate spaces to reflect on our culture from an international perspective.