Research internationalization


Research is a substantive function of university. Research internationalization refers to a series of initiatives developed by researchers together with overseas researchers in order to integrate an international, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and comparative perspective into main areas of university research.


In order to take part on the international circuits of knowledge the university research institutes require to develop organizational networking based on ICTs. Knowledge networks constitute the basic devises of research internationalization and represent the closest organizational model concerning requirements of co-production for useful knowledge and for training of the human resources required by a globalized environment.


Research networks enable: developing alliances as well as exchange of knowledge and experiences; developing joint research projects and publications with foreign institutions; executing international seminars and conferences as well as formulating doctoral programs; increasing opportunities for mobility of researchers and postgraduate students, and establishing research centers related to international and global issues, among other actions.

Research Areas

Link Research Area Contact
History Research Institute Cultural History of Latin America

 Jorge Bracho


Teléfono +58 (212) 407.41.71
History Research Institute History of Colombia

Daniel Lahoud

Teléfono +58 (212) 407.41.71

History Research Institute Church History of Venezuela


Profesor José del Rey s.j.

+58 212 407 4171



Economic and Social Sciences Research Institute Economic Studies
Profesor Ronald Balza
+58 212 407 6032
Economic and Social Sciences Research Institute Demographic Studies


Anitza Freitez
+58 212 407 4181
María Di Brienza
+58 212 407 6031
Genny Zúñiga
+58 212 407 4180


Economic and Social Sciences Research Institute Social and Political Studies


Profesora María Gabriela Ponce

+58 212 407 4177
Profesor Tito La Cruz
+58 212 407 4495
Economic and Social Sciences Research Institute Industrial and Labour Relations



Profesor Josué Bonilla

+58 212 407 4175


Profesor Gustavo García

+58 212 407 4173

History Research Institute Institutional and Territorial History of Venezuela



Profesor Manuel Donís

+58 212 407 4272



Legal Research Institute Children’s Rights


Profesora Carla Serrano

+58 212 407 4408

Legal Research Institute Economic Criminality


Profesora Ruth Capriles

+58 212 407 4168