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  • Outgoing Staff Mobility


    UCAB teaching and research staff members may take part, as speaker or participant, in a wide variety of academic exchange activities and international events through international cooperation external funds. The Secretariat of International Relations permanently monitors and informs about these opportunities and facilitates connexion between UCAB academic staff members and its peers in other higher education institutions or research centers at international level.


    UCAB teaching and academic staff members, who receive an invitation to an international event of an admission to an academic formation or actualization program overseas, may use two different mechanisms for funding:

    A formal inter-institutional cooperation agreement previously established which facilitates procedures and distribution of costs related to the travel expenses of the outgoing staff member.

    Funding programs from international cooperation agencies that may provide economic resources to cover the travel expenses of the outgoing professor.

    The Secretariat of International Relations offers support to the outgoing academic staff members regarding personal arrangements such applying for a visa, acquiring airplane tickets, medical insurance, currency exchange control procedures, and communication with the event organizers.

    The academic staff members from undergraduate programs and research staff members, with a full-time contract and over 5 years seniority, may eventually apply for partial economic assistance for academic activities considered a priority for their academic activity at UCAB, through the Academic Formation Council. The application must be submitted through their academic department.


    The participation of UCAB teaching and research staff members on international events and international training programs represents an opportunity for academic and personal exchange, actualization on academic topics and best management practices, and the diversification of bibliographic sources, among other advantages. Systematization of activities undertaken overseas as well as its internal promotion facilitates the transmission of knowledge enriching not only the participant staff member to the whole academic community.


    Institutional Procedure: http://www.ucab.edu.ve/formacion-de-profesores.html